The unspaniardals

Anyone heard of a book called the UnDutchables? I gave it to hubby and we started reading it together and are having a good laugh. He asks me: so what would you say about us if you were to write from your perspective on the Spanish people. So: after we decided on the future idea of the novel the unSpaniardals, I thought to let you in on the tip of the iceberg of the content 🙂

VIVA the fun – never touch a Spanish person’s planning on having fun. It’s the true religion of the country. And: Having an agenda to meet with your friends is a sin, you drop by or call 1 minute before landing. Having an agenda to arrange for it, messes up all the fun and believe me: if you stick to like we Northern Europeans do, you are guaranteed to end up having that that drink with your friends …..alone.

Why for GOD’s sake!??? – chapter on the omnipresent double parking. Either there is a tremendous epidemic parking problem or people just love to scare each other by parking on the driving lane just to wait for their friends to come out of the store or people just love to hop in the store and end up talking for 15 minutes while an impressive traffic jam starts piling up cars ion the busy shopping street at 19.00 on a Friday evening, or …or …..or. I don’t know, more reasons, anybody? Help…..

I’m sorry: how much!? Police fines IF they catch you, are breathtaking. While I hear non Spaniards complaining about the driving here, I always tells them they the Spaniards would be angels too if they had traffic cameras on every corner, DUH! (Note to the Dutch and English government: please make sure you invest that fine money in a third world country for catching so many criminals in the streets..I rest my case). Anyway: if the police here DO catch you however, the fines are breathtaking: The traffic fines for speeding range up to € 600. I have none of those…yet.

Party hour schedule: A big head’s up to tourists coming to Spain: If you do not stick their party schedule, you will never find out where the real Spanish people hang out when they go out. And prepping for a night out on the time here means: get a 10 hours sleep before you start with it and when you start, go and have dinner at 22.00 first (yes, get extremely hungry), then a cocktail after at the dinner table, then get some beers, AND THEN THE party starts. By 8 o’clock next morning you will open the door of your house, to sleep, once again, 10 hours until the Saturday version of the previous night plays out. Did not go out on the Friday? Don’t you dare call your Spanish friends at 10.00h in the morning, they will not call you for the next party.

VOICESVOICESVOICESVOICES – one of the things that most struck me when I first came here was the sheer volume of human voices. I had to speak UP to be heard. When going to a restaurant, make sure you numb you ears to the voices around you. But not to the laughter though, as 85% of noise is just that. Not too bad of a noise. Also people tread on each other’s talking space a lot more then I am used to, which makes me really cranky. I took somebody’s advice at work and would  catch up with the other person by saying: please let me talk and please let me finish, which sounds terribly direct in the working context from where I come from, but hey: it works.

That’s it for now. What do you think? Please let me know in the blah section.


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